Improve Your Marketing Videos

Improve Your Marketing Videos

Improve Your Maketing Video


Improve Your Marketing Videos

Marketing videos can be an interactive way that you engage with your audience. Strong visual content is a game changer when it comes to drawing attention, viewers, and customers.

Strategizing about how you will produce marketing videos is the ultimate key to their success. Here we are going to walk through a few steps about how you should create marketing content and how it can be beneficial to your business.


Perfect Your Message

Quick and to the point is the name of the game. People watch videos because they can get the gist and move on.

This is why your message needs to be succinct and unique. Know what you are going to say before you say it. You can use specific questions and prompts to frame your video.

Posing problems that your business can solve will ensure your success. In marketing, potential customers sometimes do not know what they need till you tell them. Answering any potential issues ahead of time will also allow you to hold a viewer’s interest.  


Create a Compelling Story

The end goal of your marketing video should be to hold a viewer’s interest from beginning to end. To create a sense of community and necessity that your business can over to them.

Lastly, to finish up with your strongest selling point and a call to action.

Including your social media and where people can learn more is also imperative. A marketing video should try together all parts of your business in a way other mediums cannot.


Build for the Future

If you are just starting out composing marketing videos for your business you might run into a few issues starting out.

Once you have an established message, a detailed plan, and a personal story, you can have a powerful video presence.

Be sure to post your videos on various social media platforms to improve your online presence. Youtube is the second largest search engine behind Google. This means you need to get your marketing onto this platform and available to the public eye.

Video marketing can improve business outcomes when incorporated effectively into a brand. Be sure to do your own research and have a plan for how you are going to attack this digital aspect of online presence in 2019.

Use Instagram Stories to Connect With your Audience

Use Instagram Stories to Connect With your Audience

Connect With Instagram Stories


Connect With Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and for good reason. Its stunning visual layout attracts millions of users each day. Instagram stories are a feature that allows you to post 15 second videos to your story which are available for 24 hours.

Besides being just a fun way to connect with your followers, Instagram stories allow for a unique business opportunity. You can quickly post short videos to let followers see what is transpiring in your business.

They also offer a way for consumers to directly message a business and inquire more about a product or service. These stories are a quick way to continually keep followers engaged with your content and can compliment any online business.


How To Post an Instagram Story

Creating a story on IG is similar to putting up a post but, there are a few differences to be aware of. Tapping the camera icon that is located in the upper left corner of the home feed page will get you started.

Then you can snap a new picture or video or use media that is already on your phone. Then you can customize your story with filters and emojis.

Another popular and useful feature for your story are polls. These are easy to add elements that can give you instant feedback on what you post. Polls are a great way to see what your followers are loving and what needs some improvement.

Be sure to shoot your video or picture vertically. You can also string multiple stories together if you need more time to get a specific message across. Planning your story ahead of time and posting it at a busy time of day is the best way to increase visibility.


Connect With Your Audience and Area Seamlessly

Instagram has over a billion users and is has an ocean of content to wade through. You have to be able to target a specific audience that will be likely to want what you have. The best way to do this is through location tags and hashtags.

A location tag will allow you to pinpoint a certain city or area. When people search for this area you will be likely to pop up in the search results. This narrows down the potential people you will connect with but for a reason. That reason is so you can engage with your community and not waste an opportunity to be locally visible.

Hashtags are well known and most people understand how they work. When you add a hashtag to your story it will show up when that topic is searched. Be sure to find out what popular hashtags are used by people in your industry and replicate them. 

Organize Your Social media

Organize Your Social media

Organize Your Social Meida


Organize Your Social Media

Running multiple social media accounts at once takes a detailed strategy. Making sure your message is clear, consistent, and unique across platforms is key to success.

Detailing what posts will be live at a given time and making sure nothing falls through the cracks can be a challenge. But, with a little help and information you will be coordinating successful and engaging content across all your social media accounts.


Schedule Your Posts and Constantly Update

Organizing all of your information at once and in one place will help you tremendously. Utilizing online calendars like ContenCal and others is a great start towards a uniform social media message.

Connect all of your accounts, email marketing, and additional content to keep everything current. Once you can see a broad view of your business then you can see what needs to be improved.

Questions then arise and will need to be answered. Am I posting frequently enough? Am I informing my followers about new events or products timely? Then you can strengthen the elements of your content that are already good, and sure up the aspects that need a little help.  


Become Efficient and Create Time For Other Tasks

Once you have streamlined your content and have a solid plan in place, you will be surprised at the time you will have. An efficient business is an effective business.

If you are constantly struggling to organize you social media than other aspects of your business will suffer. Proper planning now gives your future self the gift of more time and the ability to accomplish more.   


Having a Content Calendar Enables You to Track Progress

By just posting when you feel like it you will be sure to run into some issues. Having a calendar where you know what is being accomplished you can see what works. This will help inform your choices going forward and improve the effectiveness of your social media campaigns overall.


Engage and Listen

Analyze the data that comes in on your platforms to inform your future content. Listen to what others who are succeeding are doing in this technological space. Experiment and do not be afraid to use new online tools, explore new social media, and attack your goals head on.

Staying relevant and current doesn’t have to be difficult if you formulate a strong plan. Build your social blueprint and you will have a foundation that you rely on going into the bright future of social media.

Monetize Your Blog Now

Monetize Your Blog Now

Monetize Your Blog Now


Monetize Your Blog Now

When you start a blog, making money isn’t the first reason most people begin this journey. A passion for writing, a desire to provide quality information, and many other reasons take center stage in the beginning.

But, as your blog continues to grow, many opportunities present themselves. The ability to monetize your content is now more prevalent than ever.

It’s time you learned different ways to create revenue from your blog.


Have Multiple Streams of Income

Gone are the days where advertising alone could make you enough money by itself. While online ads are still a great way to generate income, it is wise to look at your other options. The Creator Monetization Report of 2017 showed how many different content creates make their money.

Primarily it was advertising (50% or so) but, selling products, offering consultations and services, and sponsorships are also additional ways of earning. Since the digital market is highly saturated it can be difficult to make it on just one stream of income.

Think outside the box and diversify your income with your blog for the best results.   


Building Your Blog Takes Time and Work

Blogging might seem simple and easy at first. You write a post, put it up on your site, and the money starts rolling in. This is not the case for most people.

Just like with any great project it takes proper planning and time. Educate yourself on best practices when it comes to monetizing your blog.

Join social media blogging groups, take online courses, and network at every opportunity you get. This will help you avoid costly mistakes down the road and set you on the path to success.


Find Out What Your Readers Want

You can create interesting posts that make sense and have value to yourself but, you need to make sure you can attract an audience as well. Invest time in promoting your blog the same way you to in your writing.

This will enable you to reach those who will be interested in what you have to say.

Define what kind of reader you want and what they will be attracted to. Take inventory of your most popular posts and where these readers are coming from.

Once you know who you want reading your blog, then you can attack that demographic and grow your following and revenue potential.