3 Ways Google Analytics Can Benefit Your Small Business


3 Ways Google Analytics Can Benefit Your Small Business

Understanding the data behind your business, no matter the size, is paramount to having success online. Knowing where viewers are coming from and how you can turn them into customers is the ideal way to operate a small business in 2019.

Thankfully there is a tool that can help you harness the raw data and enable you to turn it into profit. Google Analytics is an amazing mechanism which you can use to succeed online.

Here are 3 aspects of Google Analytics that you can use immediately and find a tremendous benefit in doing so.


#1: Where are people visiting my website from?

Finding out how people are getting to your site is one of the most important pieces of a website. Using the tools available in Google Analytics you can see which browser people use to find you, whether it’s on a computer tablet or phone, and your audiences demographics.

It can also raise other pertinent questions that need to be addressed. Such as, are we appealing to our target audience? Or, does our site function better on a specific browser?

When looking at your own small business data it is important to realize that you might have more questions than answers. But, once you notice trends in the data you can begin to grasp how Google Analytics can help you.


#2: What pages on my website need to be improved?

We all have been on websites that sounded exciting at first but, when we finally click on them we are underwhelmed and close the page. We want the first page people click to be intriguing and cause individuals to explore the site, buy our products, or inquire about our services. By using Google Analytics we can see what is grabbing the viewer’s attention and what isn’t.

The bounce rate is the rate at which people land on your website (via an email campaign or other website) and then leave without clicking on any other pages. If you bounce rate is high for a specific page then it is worth investigating why this is. Understanding the bounce rate and working to lower it is a useful tool that will allow you to improve your online engagement.


#3: Gauging How Much Traffic You Get From Social Media

Google Analytics also allows you to see how your social media presence is driving viewers to your website. While likes and followers are great, if people aren’t spending money on your products or services then you have an issue. Making sure you have a uniform message across social media and links that bring people back to your site is crucial.

You can set specific parameters in Google Analytics that allow you to monitor the traffic that is coming to your site from social media. Once you understand how your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is impacting your business, then you can begin to form a strategy to improve your site.