5 Tools to Help You Monitor Your Social Media in 2018

5 Tools to Help You Monitor Your Social Media in 2018

In the past few years, social media has become more than just a place to connect with long-lost friends and update the family on a recent engagement. It has now morphed into a place where current or potential customers can engage with, research and express their feelings about a specific brand, company or product. If they’ve had a terrible experience with a customer service rep, they will more than likely be sharing that experience with their followers. The same is true if they just discovered their new favorite beauty product.

Given the 24-7 access customers have to brand information, it’s more important than ever that you’re appropriately tracking and monitoring your online presence. We know this may seem overwhelming given the billions of users who log onto social media on a daily basis, but don’t worry, technology has made it easy to cut through all the clutter and track what is most important to you.

We’ve rounded up our top five tools to help you monitor your social media in 2018. With these options, it’s easier than ever to stay on top of the discussions, know what’s working for your brand and easily engage with your prospects and customers.

Keyhole offers two products, the first is a hashtag and keyword tracking system that allows users to track all posts containing hashtags and keywords in real-time from a Twitter or Instagram account.

The second is an account tracking and reporting system that monitors all posts by brand as well as a competitor, giving you the resources to optimize content strategy, growth and engagement.

Integrations: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

2. Hootsuite (free option available)

Hootsuite is primarily a social media scheduling tool with a key feature allowing users to follow conversations and mentions. Users can set up social streams based on keywords, hashtags or usernames. They can even search by location and in multiple languages.

Integrations: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

Sprout’s social management allows you to monitor, respond, measure and collaborate all within the platform. Their Smart Inbox manages social communication in a singles-stream inbox allowing you to engage with customers across multiple channels. They have a Sprout Social app which allows you to publish content from the web or on your smartphone and the in-depth analytics monitor your various network performance as well as your team.  

Integrations: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram.

4. Bit.ly (free option available) 

Bitly touts itself as the world’s leading link management platform, giving you the ability to shorten, measure and optimize links across all channels and platforms. By tracking link analytics on social media, you can gather key audience intelligence and easily measure campaign performance, giving you the ability to optimize for future posts.

Integrations: every channel, every platform.

5. TweetReach (free option available)

TweetReach is a free Twitter analytics snapshot report for hashtags, usernames or keywords.

The Pro version measures analytics for more than just Twitter in a comprehensive, real-time dashboard showing you your reach, performance and engagement.

Integrations: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.