How To Improve Your Website For Higher Google Ranking

How To Improve Your Website For Higher Google Ranking

Increase Your Google Ranking By Leveraging On Social Media


How To Improve Your Website For Higher Google Ranking

Starting a business is often exciting. You can finally see yourself getting closer to your dreams. Coming up with a site is one of the core steps in the strategy to making it a success. About 54% of small business owners hire website designers for their businesses which means that the rest prefer doing it on their own. Sometimes, you need an expert who will help you have a higher website ranking.

Having a website is not good enough to take your business to the next level; it needs to be highly ranked by Google for clients to find you. So what are the measures you need for it to be highly ranked by Google?


Metadata and Keywords

During the designing stages of your website, there is a space where you fill information concerning the contents of your page. The title metadata is what appears at the browser window which is the most critical metadata on your page. There is also the keyword metadata which are the phrases searched by people for them to find your page. Keep these phrases at about 6-8 phrases with each being 1-4 words.

Keywords are like the backbone of your site. Wisely choosing them helps in chances of ranking highly on Google. You can use keyword tools such as Google Trends and see how specific keywords perform globally to decide on which ones to use.  



Backlinks are a big deal for your site. They contribute to how you rank on Google. Focus on getting quality links from authoritative sites. Since it may take months for Google to update your site’s ranking, have a plan early in advance for helping you grow your site’s SEO ranking.


Website Speed

One thing that people hate is a slow loading site. How fast is your site? Google takes into consideration how fast your site is. Nobody wants to keep trying opening a site that won’t open.  Thankfully, some tools are available to assess your site’s loading speed. Work towards making your site easy to access and load fast, on average three seconds.  


Social Media Shares

In today’s world, social media is quite crucial to your business. Does it help in your Google ranking?  More importantly, social shares increase your brand awareness. When more people know your brand and the products you sell, they are more likely to search you on Google. It increases the click-through rate which is a vital metric that Google uses to determine website ranking.

The Followers who click on your link on social media are more likely to stay on the site thereby increasing the dwell time.  Remember to have an attractive site that will keep clients motivated to stay on it. Also, the return visits also matter. How many times do clients come back to your site? Google analytics can help you see how many clients return to your site.  

Remember, content is King. If you provide valuable content, your readers will help you increase your ranking. However, it will be an uphill task to optimize a site with low-quality content.

Increase Your Google Ranking By Leveraging On Social Media

Increase Your Google Ranking By Leveraging On Social Media

Increase Your Google Ranking By Leveraging On Social Media


Increase Your Google Ranking By Leveraging On Social Media

Any digital marketing expert will tell you that you CAN NOT ignore social media in your SEO efforts. Traditionally, business owners viewed social media as a different entity as compared to the websites. However, today, with the improvements in the Google algorithms, social media is an essential SEO driving force.

Here are some of the ways social media can help you to increase the ranking of your website.


Increases Engagement

When you provide value through your content, readers will feel compelled to share the content over their social media platforms. This increases the level of engagement that your content is receiving. When the Google algorithm senses that individual posts are receiving high engagement, it determines that what you are offering is of value and therefore serves to rank your site so that more people can access it.


Content Promotion

You can also share your content across your own social media pages. When your followers come across the links, they get a redirected link to your website. The time they spend on the site and the actions they take on the website creates essential metrics that Google analyzes for ranking.

If the content you share helps you to increase your email subscribers, you get a list of potential clients. These numbers increase the regular traffic to your site which eventually contributes to the high website ranking.


Topic Research

Another indirect way of leveraging in social media is by determining the trending and hot topics from social media.

Social media is the place people, influencers, and experts come to talk about specific issues. You can determine the most talked about topic by the influencers in your industry and build yours around it. When you post the blog on your site and share it across your social media platforms, it’s a guarantee that you get the attention and traffic from the followers.


Link Building

Share as much of your valuable content on social media platforms as possible to increase your exposure. It also increases the chances of the influencers in your industry to see your content leading them to linking it to their high-authority websites. This creates the high-quality backlinks that the search engines are looking for to rank you better.

In conclusion, social media is a goldmine for exposure. It is necessary to ensure that you rank highly on Google. Social media can also help in increasing your conversion rate and specifically your sales. You cannot afford to do without social media if you are eager to make more sales.