4 Amazing Ways To Use Instagram Stories Ads for Marketing

4 Amazing Ways To Use Instagram Stories Ads for Marketing

4 Amazing Ways To Use Instagram Stories Ads for Marketing


4 Amazing Ways To Use Instagram Stories Ads for Marketing

Hi You,

Yes.. you.

Listen to this…

  • 54% consumers want to interact with video content more than images (41%), and email newsletters (46%)
  • According to SocialMediaToday, Facebook has over 8 Billion video views per day- Imagine that!
  • By the year 2019, the internet video traffic will account for approximately 80% of all web traffic.


Video marketing is emerging as a leader in the marketing arena.  Every small business owner should leverage on this rising wave and rip all the benefits off it.

Instagram stories are one of the most effective ways to approach video marketing. They offer an opportunity for users to post their video content which stays on for 24 hours.

Are you taking advantage of this AWESOME opportunity?

Familiarity breeds liking. For this reason, every small business owner should use Instagram stories ads in the following ways to breed liking, create leads and increase their customer base.

Show Your Products In Fun Ways

Create short 15 second videos of your products that entertain the followers. It helps to humanize your brand. Creating a behind-the-scenes video helps the followers to connect emotionally with the brand as they can see the people behind it. You can even film a business party or event. Remember, similarity too breeds liking. Therefore, you want the followers to see and relate to the people behind the business.


Announce A Contest

The people who are watching your live stream are the ones who are already interested in your brand.  Engage them. Contents are an excellent way to engage your followers and possibly direct some of them to your website. Some major brands offer rewards to the first few people who will click on the link in their Bio. Once they are on the landing page [Hurrayy!!], you can now wow them with your awesome products.



Instagram stories ads might be a great chance to showcase the business. However, people want a business that cares about them. Therefore, make clips that are related to your brand but educative. Pictorial tutorials work magic.  The tutorials serve to sell your business but also sell your concern for the followers.


Promote Product or New Product Launch

Do you have a new product you want to showcase to the world?  Instagram stories will help you get it to the target market- your followers. However, you can play with how you showcase the product. Note, if a video is boring, the user can quickly swipe forward. Therefore, ensure to showcase it in a fun and entertaining way.

In conclusion, remember the focus is the followers– the potential clients. Focus your marketing on them. Also, always remember the content of the video clips should resonate with your brand. Consistency in the message you are passing to the world is instrumental in developing your brand.

4 Amazing Ways To Use Instagram Stories Ads for Marketing

How To Identify Real Instagram Influencers?

How To Identify Real Social Media (Instagram) Influencers?

How To Identify Real Social Media (Instagram) Influencers?

The notion of social media influencer is either embraced or bashed by marketing professionals. In an age where user-generated content is about to replace traditional advertising, influencer collaborations were able to attract over $ 1 billion in 2017.  The real problem is to identify those accounts which are genuine, have loyal followers, and the ability to generate ROI.


The Plague of the Fake Instagram Influencer

In 2017 a marketing agency created an experiment with two fake Instagram accounts. The goal was to get paid advertising contracts for these fictive influencers who only had purchased followers and comments. The real aim was to show how vulnerable are the platforms to false content. While calibeachgirl30 featured photos of the same model girl, wanderingggirl‘s profile contained only stock photos. They secured contracts with apparel and beverage companies.

So, as a marketer, what are the signs you should pay attention when choosing an influencer to act as your brand ambassador?


Hashtag Hunting

The recent changes in Instagram allow you to follow hashtags much in the same way you followed accounts. By consistent scouting of top posts for your range of interests, you can identify those accounts that are consistently having excellent results. Make a list of the top 20-50 potential influencers that you would like to reach out to. Use the next step to narrow down the selection.


Show Me the Numbers

A marketer is a strategist, and you should act by looking at business indicators, not tempting pictures. Disregard the visual coordination and harmony and go behind the scenes, since you should always choose quality over quantity. The total number of followers does not tell the whole story. You should dig deeper and ask for additional information and look at some industry-specific ratios.


Follower Growth

Some tools give a sneak preview of the backstage. The aim is to see a steady, linear growth of followers. Any sudden spikes could be an indicator of purchased followers. Only an occasional spike could signal viral content, but those are rare.


Engagement Ratio

Industry standards define 5% as an average for likes/comments, while a rate towards 10% is extraordinary. Another study shows that once an account is over 10K it has a hard time sustaining a high engagement rate, even if it is a real Instagram influencer.


Video Views

Fake accounts and bots don’t bother to watch videos. A clear indicator of the genuine people who engage with a page is the number of video views. It should be around the same value as the previous rate.

Remember these rules when choosing an Instagram influencer. If you have a hard time finding the right one for your brand’s voice, don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

Selecting Ambassadors and Collaborations on Instagram

Selecting Ambassadors and Collaborations on Instagram

Selecting Ambassadors and Collaborations on Instagram

Selecting Ambassadors and Collaborations on Instagram

Sometimes beating your own drum on Instagram won’t get you too far. The best advertising is when other people endorse you. Extra points if these people are knowledgeable in the industry, trustworthy and have enough followers to make a difference for your baseline.

First, you need to get straight some terminology. In this game, you have bloggers, influencers, and ambassadors. The first can range from a very local influence to national, household names. Usually, the number of followers dictates the status, and most influencers have at least 10K fans. Ambassadors are selected from influencers and develop a closer relationship with the brand.

Initial research

When selecting your ambassador or just a collaboration you need to start by researching their profiles. Look at the hashtags they use, the reactions they get per post and even the color scheme. All these elements need to be in tune with your communication.

Research their endorsement terms and check if these match your projected budget. Inquire if they only take cash or would be happy with a product exchange. Usually, the higher the rank of the influencer, the less likely they will work just in exchange for products. It never hurts to ask. Create a list of “most wanted,” “highly preferred”, and “ok”.

Look at the numbers

Speaking of numbers, fill in the previous list with relevant metrics. These include the total number of followers, the average number of reactions per post (engagement rate) and demographics.

Don’t be afraid to ask the potential collaborators for relevant statistics from their back-end. It is not intrusive; it’s just due diligence. If they refuse to offer their engagement rates or other statistics that is a major red flag.

The key is to go for the sweet spot which balances the reach, engagement, and budget.

Picking the wrong ambassador

Selecting the right ambassador is a delicate matter, and sometimes even big brands fail. For example, using Oprah (14.8M followers) for Windows 8 was not the smartest move.

The key to social media marketing is authenticity. Although people know sponsored posts exist, and ambassadors make money, they still want to feel a connection.  

Another mistake not being on the same page with your ambassador, either the message or even as tone. They already are a brand on their own, don’t try to change them to match yours. Just select wisely from the available pool.

Do you think you know how to select a brand ambassador or you feel overwhelmed by the number of possible choices? Give us a message if you think you could use some guidance in choosing the Instagram face of your company.