Tips For Easier Navigation On Your Website

Tips For Easier Navigation On Your Website

Tips For Easier Navigation On Your Website

Tips For Easier Navigation On Your Website

4 Tips For Easier Navigation On Your Website

How easy do people navigate your website?   Most entrepreneurs leave the work of coming up with the site to the web designer and developer. However, remember you are the business owner. You ought to ensure that your potential clients have a great experience when they visit your site.

Website navigation affects two key metrics that eventually influence your Google ranking. These also affect the overall traffic to your site and the conversion rate.

If a site is hard to navigate, you will have high bounce rates. Also, the users who try to stick longer in search of particular information will have an unpleasant time, and they are unlikely to come back. This directly affects the conversion rate and the profitability of your business.

Therefore, what are these tips you as an entrepreneur with little to no web-design knowledge can look out for to ensure that the users have an easy time?


1. Inspect the Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is the section –mostly at the top of the page.  For the navigation bar to be effective, it should be:

  •    Easily recognizable. It should have a color contrast with the rest of the page for the users to quickly identify it.
  •    It should be STICKY. The users should be able to see it even when they scroll down the page.
  •    Have easy to understand language.  You want every user to quickly know where they can get whatever information by clicking on specific items on the navigation bar. Therefore, the language you use should be primary and not confusing.
  •     If the site is complex, with numerous pages or products, it is crucial to use mega menus.  When a user clicks on a specific section of the navigation bar, they get a drop-down menu listing specific locations/products within the site. This makes the navigation to those particular areas much more accessible.


2. A Search Bar

A search bar is one of the most useful tools to ease the navigation of your site. Look at any of the major sites and you will always see a search bar. They are most useful in complex websites and e-commerce sites.   Ensure that the search tool is optimized such that it is spelling-error-tolerant and produces results almost every time someone searches a keyword.


3. Layout Consistency

As the user is moving from one page to the next, they should form a mental picture of your brand by the consistency of your website layout and branding.  Having a consistent design from one page to the other makes the navigation easy since they can quickly master where to click to go to the next page, the previous page or subscribe to your email list.


4. The Hamburger Menu

These little three lines on the right have come to be referred to as the hamburger menu. They make website navigation on a mobile device super effective. Ensure that your website has them too.

In conclusion, it is good to make your site stand out. However, do not get too creative and get carried away with re-inventing the wheel on how you design your website. It might cost you traffic, conversion, and sales. You don’t want that, do you?