Facebook Introduces Snooze Feature

Facebook Introduces Snooze Feature

Facebook Introduces Snooze Feature

Your Facebook News Feed Just Got Better, Welcome Snooze Feature.

Snooze is the newest feature released by Facebook, and you’re going to love it. Ever have those pesky articles or other posts that just keep popping up when you’re trying to do something? Now you can hide them.

Facebook said on December 15, 2017,

With Snooze, you don’t have to unfollow or unfriend permanently, rather just stop seeing someone’s posts for a short period of time. The people, Pages, and groups you snooze will not be notified. You will be notified before the Snooze period is about to end and the setting can also be reversed at any time.

How it works.

Want to know how this new feature works? Facebook has released a short video showing you just how to use it and frankly in my opinion, why it’s valuable. Check it out and let us know what you think!

While control over your news feed isn’t new, it is better. Facebook has strived over the years to improve their users’ experience and so far they are doing a great job with it. While there are always things we wish were different, it’s great that this platform of over a billion users is now more in your hands than it has ever been.

So celebrate that in 2018 that Facebook might be a little less overwhelming for those of you who spend any time on this widely used platform.

Snapchat Releases New App: Lens Studio

Snapchat Releases New App: Lens Studio

Snapchat Releases New App: Lens Studio

Snapchat Releases New Desktop App

Snapchat is expanding their offerings with Lens Studio. On December 14, Snapchat released exciting news for those of you ready to up your game using this fun and video-focused platform. Lens Studio is a desktop app for MAC and PC and what better way to salute this video-friendly platform than with a video!

Their release info stated on December 14, 2017:

Lens Studio is a new way for anyone to create Lenses for the Snapchat community! Lens Studio is a free desktop app for Mac and Windows with easy to use guides and tools that students, creatives, and developers alike can use to bring their creations to life. Whether you’re just starting to dabble in 2D animation or are a professional artist interested in creating your own experiences, Lens Studio makes sharing your creation with the world fast and fun!

Once your Lens is complete, you’ll be given a special Snapcode that you can share anywhere, which anyone can scan to unlock your Lens!

With the launch of [the new app] we’re excited to make Lenses more accessible to creators, and experiences within Snapchat more personal and diverse. We’ve seen how much more fun Geofilters have become since first inviting the community to create their own three years ago — and can’t wait to see what you build with Lens Studio!

Sweet, right?! Head on over to Snapchat and check out this new and fun tool to get you standing out in a crowd. Better yet, give it a try and share your experience with us – we love it when you share your thoughts and feedback.

PS: Don’t forget to Snapchat this too!

Facebook Advertising Principles

Facebook Advertising Principles

Facebook Advertising Principles

Facebook advertising, principles get clear

Ah, Facebook. You use it but you likely have a love-hate relationship with this ultra expansive platform with over a billion users. Recently Facebook shared what their principles are for advertising. Surprisingly, we were thrilled to get this information and thought it would be relevant to share with you. Here is what we found out about Facebook advertising and their principles:

We build for people first. Advertising is how we provide our services for free. But ads shouldn’t be a tax on your experience. We want ads to be as relevant and useful to you as the other posts you see. This is important for businesses too, because you’re less likely to respond to ads that are irrelevant or annoying. That’s why we start with people. Our auction system, which determines which ads get shown to you, prioritizes what’s most relevant to you, rather than how much money Facebook will make from any given ad.


We don’t sell your data. We don’t sell personal information like your name, Facebook posts, email address, or phone number to anyone. Protecting people’s privacy is central to how we’ve designed our ad system. This means we can show you relevant and useful ads – and provide advertisers with meaningful data about the performance of their ads — without advertisers learning who you are.


You can control the ads you see. Clicking on the upper right-hand corner of an ad lets you easily hide ads you don’t like, or block ads from an advertiser you don’t like. Clicking on “Why am I seeing this?” tells you more about why you were shown the ad and takes you to your Ad Preferences. Anyone can visit their Ad Preferences to learn more about the interests and information that influence the ads they see, and manage this information so they get more relevant ads.


Advertising should be transparent. You should be able to easily understand who is showing ads to you and see what other ads that advertiser is running. It’s why we’re building an ads transparency feature that will let you visit any Facebook Page and see the ads that advertiser is running, whether or not those ads are being shown to you. This will not only make advertising on Facebook more transparent; it will also hold advertisers accountable for the quality of ads they create.


Advertising should be safe and civil; it should not divide or discriminate. We have Community Standards that prohibit hate speech, bullying, intimidation and other kinds of harmful behavior. We hold advertisers to even stricter advertising policies to protect you from things like discriminatory ads – and we have recently tightened our ad policies even further. We don’t want advertising to be used for hate or discrimination, and our policies reflect that. We review many ads proactively using automated and manual tools, and reactively when people hide, block or mark ads as offensive. When we review an ad, we look at its content, targeting, landing page and the identity of the advertiser. We may not always get it right, but our goal is to prevent and remove content that violates our policies without censoring public discourse.


Advertising should empower businesses big and small. We believe that smaller businesses should have access to the same tools previously available only to larger companies with sophisticated marketing teams. We have millions of advertisers — from local businesses to community organizations — who depend upon us to reach their audiences, grow their businesses and create more jobs. As long as they follow our Community Standards and policies that help keep people safe, our platform should empower all advertisers with all voices to reach relevant audiences or build a community.


We’re always improving our advertising. We’re always making improvements and investing in what works. As people’s behaviors change, we’ll continue listening to feedback to improve the ads people see on our service. For instance, when people shifted to mobile, we did, too. We know our work isn’t done by any means, which means we’ll often introduce, test and update certain features like ad formats, metrics and ad controls.