Instagram Hashtag: The Gold Mine for Visibility

Instagram Hashtag: The Gold Mine for Visibility

Instagram Hashtag: The Gold Mine for Visibility


Instagram is HOT!!!

With over 800 Million users most of whom are active, no small business owner can afford to ignore the platform.

Sadly, 70% of the posts don’t get seen by the followers. Experts advise users to post regularly to increase engagement.

Good news!

Did you know that posts with a hashtag (#) have 12.6% more engagement than posts without one? Exactly! Hashtags are a gold mine to increase the visibility of your posts.

To increase the visibility, you should STOP inserting random hashtags at the end of every post. Instead, use your hashtags strategically.

There are two types of hashtags:

1.    Branded hashtags

2.    Community hashtags

Oh Boy, what are these now?

Relax and follow closely.

Branded Hashtags

These are unique to your brand or business.  They help to create a theme on your page. Branded hashtags are also highly effective in building a brand since they are unique and consistent in all your posts. Also, they are very instrumental in coming up with campaigns.

Community Hashtags

These help users with a common theme or interest to connect.   A business in health and fitness can use a community hashtag such as #startuptips. Such a hashtag will interest followers interested in startups.

For quality engagement, use niche specific hashtag instead of the most popular ones. For example #healthandfitnessstartup. With such a specific tag you will most likely get followers who are interested in your field. They are easier to convert to leads instead of a person who is interested in building industry startup tips.

It is paramount to know how to use the correct hashtags for your business.

So how do you identify the correct ones?

Research Your Audience.

What are they following? What hashtags are popular to them? The answers will give you ideas on the specific types that would be popular with them.

Research Your Competitors

What hashtags are they using? Which of the hashtags have the most following? Your target followers are most likely following your competition. Therefore, coming up with posts that are superior in quality and value and using the same hashtags might help you significantly increase your visibility.

In conclusion, in December 2017 Instagram introduced a follow option for the hashtags. Therefore, today when one clicks on a #, they are given a choice to follow it. Therefore, they can see any posts that are using the hashtags. It gives you a chance to impress users who might not be following you but follow a hashtag you are using. Great, isn’t it?

Go right ahead and embrace #’s! You need them!


Is Your Web Design Costing Your Business?

Is Your Web Design Costing Your Business?

Is Your Web Design Costing Your Business?


Is Your Web Design Costing Your Business?

Every entrepreneur wants to flourish. We all want to be among the 10% of businesses that make it beyond the fifth year, right?

Every business owner should be proactive in making sure that all aspects of their business contribute towards success and profitability.

Most business owners understand the need to have a website to communicate and market the business and products. Sadly, not all business owners understand that their website could be dragging their growth rate and hindering the company’s success

So what is it about the website?

Log in to your website as you go through the following five questions. In case your answer is a NO or NOT SURE to ANY of the questions, then your web design is costing your business.

  1. Does it LOAD easily and quickly?
  2. Can the website be viewed on a MOBILE DEVICE?
  3. Can a visitor easily grasp the PURPOSE of your brand?
  4. Are the COLORS, TONE, and STYLE of your brand evident and consistent?
  5. Is your web design and content SEO optimized?

If you have identified that your web design might be costing your business, then you need to take action ASAP. Otherwise, your competitors will continue to out-smart you until they kick you out of business.

According to a research conducted by Microsoft, the attention span of human beings has dramatically decreased with the increase in technology and social media. Therefore, readers will quickly go on to the next search result if your website takes too long to load.


Today, over three-quarters of the people in America use their mobile devices to access the internet.


Therefore, Google is favoring  mobile-friendly sites in its ranking system. Consequently, when designing the site, it is imperative to ensure that it is mobile- friendly.


Branding! Branding!


If your brand is not evident, consistent, and clear on your website, your bounce rate will be exceptionally high.  People want to decide whether to navigate the site or not, quickly. Therefore, if the site looks confusing and ugly, visitors will swipe to the next website in search of their answers.

According to multiple pieces of research, Google accounts for over 90% of all traffic to the websites. Meaning, No online marketer should attempt to underplay the need to have an SEO optimized website. Therefore, ensure you have ranked highly not only on Google but even on other search engines.

In conclusion, if you find that your website is running you down, do not worry.  Re-strategize, invest in a site that is User-friendly, communicates your brand clearly and is SEO optimized.

Stop The DIY Syndrome: Hire A Professional Web Designer For A Customized Website

Stop The DIY Syndrome: Hire A Professional Web Designer For A Customized Website

Stop The DIY Syndrome: Hire A Professional Web Designer For A Customized Website


Stop The DIY Syndrome: Hire A Professional Web Designer For A Customized Website

A professional website is one of the investments that can contribute heavily to the growth of your business. It is a make or break situation. Let’s look at some statistics below for a clear understanding.

  •    According to Adobe, if the images of an individual website don’t load, users stop engaging with a website.  
  •    When the site also takes too long to load, 39% still stop engaging.
  •    If the content is too long, 38% leave the site

The above statistics are just, but a few reasons why your web design should be catchy for the readers. When it comes to the website, it is more of the User Interface (UI). How the website’s design is what determines if the client will keep using your site or not.

But why do you need a professional web designer?


They Understand The Dynamics

Good designs will often talk volumes. Once the client clicks on your site, what attracts them is how your site looks. If it portrays professionalism, then you can be sure that they will be interested in the site’s content.  This, in turn, increases the click-through rate.


Provides A Solution

Most often, users want a site that is mobile friendly as 51.3% access through their phones. A good web designer identifies a problem in your niche and creates a solution for you using your site. Web design complements your marketing strategies so that they can have a significant impact on attracting people. Once you drive people to your site, nobody wants to click and find a dormant site that has very minimal information


Understands User Interface

The user interface is among the things that should be considered when designing the website. How long does page take before it loads? A professional web designer understands that for a good site, the user needs to feel they have control. In this case, the site should have undoing actions.

Also, the site should be easy to use. Users want a website they can navigate through without having to deal with errors or pop-ups.


Makes It Unique

An expert can make the site unique. Considering the billions of websites available, how does your site stand out? The designer creates a unique design customized to meet your business needs. They will make sure that your site works efficiently in all major browsers.

It is possible to do it yourself when it comes to site building. However, to get a professional touch to it and increase traffic, hiring a web designer could be what your business needs to see a spike in conversion and traffic.