How to Integrate Facebook with WhatsApp for Business?

How to Integrate Facebook with WhatsApp for Business?

How to Integrate Facebook with WhatsApp for Business?

How to Integrate Facebook with WhatsApp for Business?

Getting social is also about going multichannel. As a business, you should be where your customers are, and most likely that means texting…a lot of it. Keeping in mind that WhatsApp has now over a billion users each day. If you want to jump into the conversation, there are some good news.

Facebook, the new owner of the messaging app, is trying to find new ways to monetize it. Trying to keep true to the original promise of not using advertisements in WhatsApp, it has added a particular button on business pages.

Get Ready to Get a Verified WhatsApp for Business

A lot of start-ups use only Facebook and WhatsApp to get in contact with potential clients. Therefore, it makes sense to help people make the difference between legitimate companies and possible frauds. There are rumors that each account will be classified as:

  • Unconfirmed.
  • Confirmed – WhatsApp number matches official business phone.
  • Verified – there is a real business behind it. This could be harder than it sounds, as Twitter tried something similar and ran into trouble by verifying extremists.

Unleash the Power of Texting

Have you ever wondered why texting is so popular in general? Psychologists say it’s because it puts some distance between the recipient, which allows us to have more courage, to say the things we want and speak our right mind.

How can you use that as a company?

Encourage clients to contact you via text and share their experiences, ask questions or even complain. Most clients wouldn’t go through the bother of calling a customer service desk, wait to talk to an agent just to give feedback. Texting makes that easy, convenient.

Don’t forget to follow up and give a reply to each customer who took the time to contact your company. Also, instead of calling them, just text back. You can even give your company the opportunity to be less formal and get closer to your customers in a human way, strengthening your brand.

Ask for permission to contact them with special offers once in a while. If they grant you this opportunity use it wisely and don’t abuse it. Think of the natural communication you would have with a friend.

You can even get creative with your use of WhatsApp for business. Let your clients order your products directly in the app, share their location if you offer delivery services or use pictures to show them different items you offer.

We are curious about Facebook’s new move regarding the monetization of the messaging app. It’ s safe to assume it will be directed towards companies. Are you ready for this change? What tools would you like to have available?

How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

As “The social network” Facebook is the best place to create meaningful connections with like-minded people and grow your tribe of supporters. Using Facebook groups is a great way to move away from advertising and transform your marketing efforts into community building. Once your followers trust you as an authority not only it is easier to sell, but they become ambassadors of your brand and are proud to share it with others.  Here are a few ideas on how to leverage the power of groups to make your company more visible, trustworthy and ultimately, a household name.

Share Knowledge

Create and keep groups alive by sharing tips and tricks related to your business. If you sell kitchen appliances, show delicious recipes. If you are a travel agency, don’t be afraid of 360 photos from the amazing locations you send your clients. Don’t strive to sell anything at this point, just keep people lusting for more.

Create a Religion

The best groups are those where the members have a cult for the promoted brand. For example, Apple fans are so convinced of the products’ superiority that they are ready to pay a premium price after waiting for hours in a line.

Use your groups to create this feeling of belonging and to propagate your mantra to your “subjects”. Try borrowing some ideas from spiritual leaders. Create a ritual, create a name for your members and even invent new ways of greeting them or tokens of devotion.

Special Giveaways

Make your group the place to be. Use it to share limited time offers and make members feel special. Be genuine and give real discounts and prizes to the members of your group. If you are just starting out, why not reward those who bring more people in? Regularly have contents aimed only at group members but which they can share on their profiles.

Promote Events

Even if Facebook pushes events automatically to those who would be interested, groups are a way to get critical mass. This happens because those in a group already are in touch with the brand and further down the sales funnel.

Open, Closed or Secret Facebook Groups

There is no right choice, it all depends on your objectives and marketing strategy. If you are just starting it’s better to let your group open and sort members later. Making a group closed will mean more work but better quality. Keeping it secret is a way to ensure that only selected individuals to join and could result in a tighter community feeling.

Do You Know How to Put a Face on Your Business?

Do You Know How to Put a Face on Your Business?

Do You Know How to Put a Face on Your Business?

Do You Know How to Put a Face on Your Business?

Most small companies can benefit from a personal touch of the owner or some of the staff members. In fact, a personal star status can help the company’s brand grow quicker. It’s the same technique used by businesses who hire athletes or actors to act as their brand ambassadors. You can replicate this at a smaller scaler by becoming yourself a known figure of your industry or capitalizing on the image of one of your employees if they are already recognized, as a blogger or speaker.

Use Social Media

The easiest way to put yourself, your thought, opinions, and know-how out there is to be present on social media channels. Pick one or two which are most appropriate for your line of business and try to have a relevant and consistent presence. For example, if you own a restaurant, you will most likely pick Facebook to share general information, promotions and updates and Instagram for more visual content like dishes. Of course, if you have a business consultancy company, you are better off with LinkedIn and Twitter.  Make sure you cover both general interest subjects on a weekly basis and also refer to news for instant traction. Of course, respond to messages and keep alive any conversation.

Write on the Company’s Blog

The best way to market yourself and your company is to publish bits of helpful content on your company’s blog. Like we do here. Don’t be afraid to let a bit of your personality shine through and even choose more controversial topics. Just don’t go too far away from the main issues and never try to sell. A blog is your gift to the people who are interested in your business.

The most successful company blogs eventually turn into best-selling books, so if you think there is a monetization potential to your knowledge just be patient.

Network Frequently

Last but not least you have to put yourself out there and proudly represent your business face to face with real people. Go to regular meetings held in your area, join your Chamber of Commerce or other professional associations.

If you want to remain 100% digital, you can take advantage of the power of live videos, either through Facebook Live or the newly introduced Instagram TV.

Now that you have a roadmap on how to step into the limelight go ahead and build an action plan. Let us know if you need a little bit of inspiration along the way.

Why Use Apps on Your Facebook Business Page?

Why Use Apps on Your Facebook Business Page?

Why Use Apps on Your Facebook Business Page?

Why Use Apps on Your Facebook Business Page?

We are all big fans of apps on our smartphones. Each offer functionality and every time we hit an obstacle in our daily life we wonder if there is an app which could solve our problem. The same thinking has extended to embedded apps which we can find in frameworks, like Facebook Business Pages.

All pages come with preloaded apps, similar to those available on personal profiles, including Photos, Videos, Notes, and Events. Since these serve a business, a Review app also comes out of the box. When you set up your page, you should decide which ones on these you will keep. Disable everything you don’t use yet to avoid sending visitors to blank apps.

Add Functionality

Some early-stage businesses don’t even have a website; their entire online presence is on their Facebook page. If you are one of them, you can now enjoy better functionality. There are page apps like Facebook Shop which allow the user to buy without leaving the social media environment. Similarly, Storefront Social will enable you to create a Facebook-based shop and create even a checkout system.

Not only you can sell, but you can also recruit online. If you are looking for staff, why not install something like “Work for us” or “Smartjobboard?” These could help you get the right talent and even target potential employees with a sponsored job ad.

Engage Users

Other apps like Woobox let you create campaigns, contests, and coupons to keep your shoppers coming back for more. This is a simple way of adding a dynamic dimension to an otherwise dull environment. You can even use the “Fan of the week” app to reward your most loyal followers and motivate others to share, like or comment your activity.

Video apps are great to reach a broader audience. With tools like, you can take your Facebook Live video and put in on your website or another medium. Conversely, a YouTube Tab connects the page with your channel. This is an excellent addition since due to recent changes in algorithms, video content is king.

Grow Your Brand

Are you ready to transform your brand into an app-tastic one? Don’t just rely on the bare-bones structure offered by Facebook’s default layout. Get creative and think of your business page as a blank canvas for apps which are like Lego pieces. Not sure which ones to choose? Just drop us a line or give us a call.

IGTV Versus Facebook Live and YouTube

IGTV Versus Facebook Live and YouTube

IGTV Versus Facebook Live and YouTube

IGTV Versus Facebook Live and YouTube

A new cool kid is on the block, and it’s taking everyone else by storm. IGTV, Instagram’s native broadcast tool now offers the opportunity to upload longer videos, up to 10 minutes. Some selected content creators will be able to upload even up to a full hour of streaming on their channels. This is a direct attack on YouTube, Facebook Live and other services, such as Periscope. But how can you, as a brand, leverage the new toy?

Make Your Own IGTV Channel

Branding is all about creating valuable content and positioning yourself as an expert. Many recognized authors have YouTube Channels with millions of followers. Switching to IGTV is a way to extend your branded content with captivating visuals and potentially a different set of followers.

The more relaxed and “in the moment” nature of Instagram allows you to upload content which is created on the spot, using just your mobile. You don’t necessarily need a script, and you can share some interesting aspects from your business or discuss a hot topic.

How is it Different From Facebook Live?

The main difference is organization. While you can save Facebook Live videos for later, IGTV comes with the idea of the channel, borrowed from YouTube. The content is stored separately from the timeline and pictures or stories. They even created a standalone app, although you can watch the content from Instagram too.

The other difference is that similar to YouTube; anyone can browse through channels for content they enjoy. On Facebook, you need to be connected to the creator (friends/follower) to be notified by the new content or to be able to see it.

What Should I Post?

If you feel you have the writer’s blockage when it comes to vertical video content, make a list. Try to put:

  •         Unique aspects of your business/process
  •         Funny traditions in your company
  •         Teasers for upcoming products
  •         Demonstrations on how to use your products correctly or in a strange way
  •         Tips and trick if you are in the service business
  •         Discussions of recent changes in legislation or the market.

Even if you have excellent video and sound quality, it doesn’t hurt to add subtitles or other graphical effects which can enhance the content.

If you are unsure how to use this new feature, you can enlist our help. Hey, we are all new to this, but we have some aces up our sleeve.

What Is the Right Posting Frequency on Facebook?

What Is the Right Posting Frequency on Facebook?

What Is the Right Posting Frequency on Facebook?

What Is the Right Posting Frequency on Facebook?

There are a lot of myths related to the right posting frequency on Facebook and what makes a good schedule. The short answer is that there is no magic and universal formula. What works for one industry or time zone might be different for another one. It all boils down to the idea of knowing your target clients and meeting their needs in the best way possible. After all, Facebook is just a channel, a tool.

Posting Frequency vs. Posting Consistency

A few articles were stating the best time to post or the right frequency, but on Facebook, as opposed to Twitter this has less importance. The only rule which still holds is to be active. Instead of focusing on the right time to share your thoughts, put more effort into creating valuable content.

A study from HubSpot revealed there is no best day to post; all are the same. This makes sense since people are glued to their phones in the same way during work hours and weekends. The same survey revealed that between two and five posts per week are enough, so you don’t need to be active every single day to make a difference.

Actually, the only rule is to be consistent. People are creatures of habit. If your followers expect you to post fresh content each morning, they will check the page. In fact, it’s a good idea to let them know about your policy as the algorithms don’t prioritize branded content anymore. Manage their expectations and (over)deliver if possible.

If you want to have more chances of being visible is to take advantage of Facebook stories. These ephemeral postings perform best when they are related to hot topics.

Focus on Quality

Our advice is to let go of a strict posting schedule and hunting of the best hours. Instead, give more importance to content. Tailor your posts to your audience and end goal. If you would like to sell a product, you would create something different from the situation when you want only to get engagement and followers.

Look under the hood of your Facebook page and know your audience. Look at competitor’s pages and make notes on their best performing posts. Try to replicate their approach in a way that is relevant to your brand. Don’t copy, adapt.

Are you ready to create noteworthy posts that engage and entertain? Let us know if we can bring some of our expertise into your business to get the “like machine” rolling.