The Importance of Word Search for SEO

The Importance of Word Search for SEO

The Importance of Word Search for SEO


The Importance of Word Search for SEO

In today’s consumer climate we crave the fastest answer to our questions. Where is the best place to eat around here? Where is the closest gas station to me? And the most important question, where is a damn Starbucks!

41% of adults are using voice search technology, like Alexa and Siri, to get answers to these questions and many more. Typing a question into a search engine can be time consuming and inconvenient for many. Simply asking a question to your smartphone or Amazon Echo is easier, quicker, and becoming more popular.

By 2020 50% of all search results will be voice. This means not only is there an upward trend in voice search but, soon it will be the primary way of online exploration. Here are a few tips to be aware that you can use to optimize your business’ SEO.  


Voice SEO

By harnessing the power of voice search you can improve your rankings and increase your visibility on Google. Also, voice search is a great way to increase traffic to your landing pages and reduce high bounce rates.

Since voice search can help potential customers find what they are need quicker, they will be inclined to check out other pages on your site. Having concise answers to questions on your site, and Google, will increase the chances of viewers wanting to learn more about your business. 


Featured Snippets

When you use Alexa or Google Home to find the answer to a question they read off featured snippets.

A featured snippet is the first search result that pops up in Google in its own text box. Ideally you would want your business to be as close to the featured snippet as possible. This would give you the best visibility and users will experience fewer obstacles in reaching you. 

By answering specific questions that people look for you can directly improve your voice SEO. Writing unique copy that engages readers and builds rapport will benefit you Google’s search results tremendously.


Improve Your Google Business Page

Almost 40% of voice searches are for business information. This means you need to ensure the information searches will find online for you is accurate. Having the correct address, business hours, and services available will set you up for success.

If all these aspects of your business are not uniform online then you are potentially missing out on customers and clients who are ill informed. Having a high volume of positive reviews on Google is another avenue that you can focus on to benefit your voice SEO.