Focus On Your Customer, Period.

Focus On Your Customer, Period.

Today’s Marketing Tip is about your customer. Customers are the cornerstone of a successful business, if you don’t have them then you aren’t in business. This tip comes from the brilliant marketing mind of Jim Connolly. He has a great blog called Jim’s Marketing Blog and he has some wise words to share about to get in front of your customer, here is what he said:

Decide what your ideal customer profile is and then market exclusively with them in mind. For example:

  • Compose every piece of marketing as if you were talking directly to them.
  • Use their language.
  • Study what matters to them.
  • Be where their attention is.
  • Uncover the problems facing their industry.
  • Offer answers.Become a useful resource.
  • Build services that address their specific wants and needs.
  • Become known as a specialist provider to their industry, rather than a generalist. (Specialists earn more, attract better clients and are always in high demand).
  • In short, make your marketing directly relevant to your ideal profile of client. This one step, will give you a powerful marketing advantage over the vast majority of your competitors.

What’s the lesson?

Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Figure out who your customer is and talk directly to them, exclusively. Additionally, when you aren’t talking to the people that will buy what you sell, you are wasting time, money and energy on things that will not get you any closer to your goals. If you aren’t getting the results you want maybe it isn’t your customers, maybe it’s you. Stop trying to make things work if they aren’t. Do something different than what you’ve always done – even if it scares the hell out of you. Why? Because it works!