Get Your Business LinkedIn, Now!


Get Your Business LinkedIn, Now!

Staying connected to business contacts can be challenging, time consuming and a real pain in the you know what.

Every individual who understands they need a professional presence online has a LinkedIn account. But, companies and businesses also can benefit tremendously from the connections that this platform can provide.

Creating a business LinkedIn account is simple. Start your company page, upload your logo, post relevant tailored content and promote your page.

But after you set up your profile how do you increase your followers and exposure? Here are three things you can do to build your LinkedIn presence.


Keep Your Profile up to Date

In the world of social media if you aren’t current with your content you will get swept aside in the tidal wave of everyone else’s posts and advertisements.

If your profile is dead you will lose followers, potential connections, and seem irrelevant to all around you. Consistently create articles, share posts, and give viewers a glimpse inside how your company works and who you are.

Always make sure the content you are sharing is in line with your company’s voice. Be sure to go through and take an inventory of your profile and see what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

LinkedIn, like many other social media platforms evolves continually. Keep on top of the changes and updates so you don’t get left in the dust.  


Advertise to get Your Name out There

LinkedIn can be a great tool to help you target a specific market that you are trying to reach. There are two main ways of advertising on this platform. One is ads, the other is matched audiences.

Matched audiences allow you to market to LinkedIn followers who have already visited your website. You can also upload your contact list and create a customized audience who you know will already be interested in you.

LinkedIn ads run on the model of A/B testing or split testing. This means one variable will be tested at a time to see how the ad performs. Two weeks is the amount of time that is needed to see if your ads have performed well and which one is more optimized.


Review your Analytics and Make Well Informed Decisions

So after you have set up and optimized your profile and run your ads what’s next? Now you need to review the data, come to some conclusions, and plan your next steps. LinkenIn’s built in analytical tool enables you see your impressions, reach, likes and shares for a period of time.

Look for what content is performing the best and try to continue in that trend. Comparing your page to other businesses in your field is also another way to measure progess. Learn from those around you who are successful and discard whatever doesn’t work.