How And Where To Get Images And Photos For Your Online Platforms


How And Where To Get Images And Photos For Your Online Platforms

There is a lot of noise on the internet and especially in the digital marketing industry. You want to make sure that your digital footprint dominates the noise.

Use of visual content is a proven way to create a better impression on the reader. High-quality stock images get more engagement across all social media platforms.

Therefore, every entrepreneur, social media manager or online business manager ought to take advantage of high-quality pictures on their website and other online platforms to increase the engagement with followers and readers.

There are tons of sites that offer images over the internet. However, not all these images are free. To legally use the pictures on the internet, you have to be aware of which licenses they fall under. Here are the most common licenses:

  •    Public Domain: The intellectual property rights of these images have expired. As such, they are free to be used by anyone without any charge.
  •    Creative Commons:  This license has some variations from one image to the other. Some of the photos can be used across many platforms as long as they are unchanged. Other photos need to have a credit link to acknowledge and appreciate the owner.
  •    Royalty Free:  This doesn’t mean by any chance that the images are free. It means that one can purchase them and use them without having to pay a recurring fee.
  •    Rights Managed: These images have restrictions on the number of times you use them.   You will have to spend a specific cost to use them more than the number of times specified.

These are the most popular sites you can get high quality images:


Flickr is arguably the most dominant photo stock on the internet. They boast of over two billion high-definition pictures.  You can get pictures fit for any purpose. However, not all the images are free. Most of the photographs are held under the creative commons license.



Pixabay is one of the most popular stock photo site with thousands of free images. You can easily download the images and use them without having  put an attribution link.


Creative Commons Search

The creative commons organization has a fantastic search tool to help entrepreneurs like you get access images from sites with pictures listed under the creative commons license. Using this search tool helps to bypass having to go to a particular website and sorting through the site to get to the images under the creative commons license.