How Do Organizations Leverage Facebook Live?

How Do Organizations Leverage Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is not only for teenagers looking for attention. With some branding strategy behind it, you have a powerful tool to market your business. This is a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded environment.

In fact, organic engagement on Facebook has been in a steep decline for the last 3-4 years. Things are not looking brighter in the near future either. Recent changes are in favor of personal accounts and sponsored content. As an organization, if you still want to stand out online you need to leverage this tool which was inspired by Snapchat. How can you do this effectively?

1. Go Behind the Scenes

Take your fans on an impromptu tour of your business, let the meet the faces behind the work. Give them some insights on how it’s made. Use this opportunity to remove some controversy or to share some interesting facts. Be as genuine as possible.

2. Answer Questions or Create Interactive FAQs

Facebook Live is about offering value in an attractive way which is great since you get all the tools to broadcast your ideas for free. You only need to create the content. Sometimes you can only create the answers to your client’s questions. Look through comments, reviews and inbox and select those recurrent themes which you believe deserve more attention. You can also redesign your FAQ as a live session which you can then archive and save for further reference.

3. Review Products or Announce New Ones

Most people are visual creatures. User manuals are outdated and can easily be replaced with live demonstrations. These could be unboxings, assembly, normal use or special features. You can even create some excitement about upcoming products by teasing the audience. Show just a glimpse of the new product or brag full-scale. Even if you work B2B you can still take advantage of this approach.

4.   Build your Community

Posting content on Facebook Live is all about getting in touch with your audience. It brings followers closer to your brand since it feels more real and in the moment. You can use it to promote upcoming events, create a sense of community. Use it on your page or in your groups.

Does your company use Facebook Live? If you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera you can start with a script and work your way towards a more relaxed approach. We’d be happy to help you get on this bandwagon.