How to Create a Winning Hashtag Strategy

How to Create a Winning Hashtag Strategy

Instagram is the most hashtag-centered social media platform so far. While on Twitter adding a hashtag makes your content more retweeted, put just one more and suddenly you are not popular. On Instagram, however, you can make the whole caption of a post only from hashtags. The recent changes even encourage this practice and allow users to follow hashtags like they follow accounts. As a business, you should take advantage of this opportunity and craft your hashtag strategy to attract followers and serve their interests.  Here are a few tips to get your hashtag game started.

Be Relevant

Create a list of the most relevant hashtags. Include General Feeling, Industry, Geography, Local Relevance, Business Specific, Unique Selling Proposition. Aim to have at least ten hashtags for each so you can combine them for each post. Instagram even gives a penalty to accounts that abuse (use over and over again) the same hashtags.  

In your selection look at how popular is each hashtag you select and try to create a mix of the most popular (500K-+1M) and medium popularity (10K-500K). Of course, your hashtags can have only a few hits.

Jump on Trends

You can upgrade your hashtag strategy by incorporating some trendy tags that are short-lived but could boost you in the attention of new clients. For example, if you sell cakes, flowers or dresses and you didn’t brand your content with #RoyalWedding lately, you just missed o good wave.

Use a calendar of upcoming events and upgrade your posts with those unique identifiers for the days. Don’t overdo it or have very high hopes but use this as a way to branch out and potentially get some more exposure.

Be Consistent Without Boredom

Starting from the list you created before, play with the hashtags defining your brand starting from the image you promote. It’s advisable to use 3-4 new hashtags for every post, but the bulk should stay within your brand guidelines to ensure that your followers get what they hope for.

Along with your “signature” hashtags, you can always include more interesting ones. Cross-tag with partners and others in your industry.

When it comes to Instagram, the best advice you can get for your hashtag strategy is to take it with a grain of salt. Consider it an experiment, don’t get attached to hashtags. The preference for specific words or expressions can last for years if these become catch-phrases. On the opposite end, you could have other for just a few days until the next trend emerges. Do you feel like you need some help?  Lost in the hashtag world? We’re here to help.