IGTV Versus Facebook Live and YouTube

IGTV Versus Facebook Live and YouTube

A new cool kid is on the block, and it’s taking everyone else by storm. IGTV, Instagram’s native broadcast tool now offers the opportunity to upload longer videos, up to 10 minutes. Some selected content creators will be able to upload even up to a full hour of streaming on their channels. This is a direct attack on YouTube, Facebook Live and other services, such as Periscope. But how can you, as a brand, leverage the new toy?

Make Your Own IGTV Channel

Branding is all about creating valuable content and positioning yourself as an expert. Many recognized authors have YouTube Channels with millions of followers. Switching to IGTV is a way to extend your branded content with captivating visuals and potentially a different set of followers.

The more relaxed and “in the moment” nature of Instagram allows you to upload content which is created on the spot, using just your mobile. You don’t necessarily need a script, and you can share some interesting aspects from your business or discuss a hot topic.

How is it Different From Facebook Live?

The main difference is organization. While you can save Facebook Live videos for later, IGTV comes with the idea of the channel, borrowed from YouTube. The content is stored separately from the timeline and pictures or stories. They even created a standalone app, although you can watch the content from Instagram too.

The other difference is that similar to YouTube; anyone can browse through channels for content they enjoy. On Facebook, you need to be connected to the creator (friends/follower) to be notified by the new content or to be able to see it.

What Should I Post?

If you feel you have the writer’s blockage when it comes to vertical video content, make a list. Try to put:

  •         Unique aspects of your business/process
  •         Funny traditions in your company
  •         Teasers for upcoming products
  •         Demonstrations on how to use your products correctly or in a strange way
  •         Tips and trick if you are in the service business
  •         Discussions of recent changes in legislation or the market.

Even if you have excellent video and sound quality, it doesn’t hurt to add subtitles or other graphical effects which can enhance the content.

If you are unsure how to use this new feature, you can enlist our help. Hey, we are all new to this, but we have some aces up our sleeve.