Instagram Hashtag: The Gold Mine for Visibility


Instagram is HOT!!!

With over 800 Million users most of whom are active, no small business owner can afford to ignore the platform.

Sadly, 70% of the posts don’t get seen by the followers. Experts advise users to post regularly to increase engagement.

Good news!

Did you know that posts with a hashtag (#) have 12.6% more engagement than posts without one? Exactly! Hashtags are a gold mine to increase the visibility of your posts.

To increase the visibility, you should STOP inserting random hashtags at the end of every post. Instead, use your hashtags strategically.

There are two types of hashtags:

1.    Branded hashtags

2.    Community hashtags

Oh Boy, what are these now?

Relax and follow closely.

Branded Hashtags

These are unique to your brand or business.  They help to create a theme on your page. Branded hashtags are also highly effective in building a brand since they are unique and consistent in all your posts. Also, they are very instrumental in coming up with campaigns.

Community Hashtags

These help users with a common theme or interest to connect.   A business in health and fitness can use a community hashtag such as #startuptips. Such a hashtag will interest followers interested in startups.

For quality engagement, use niche specific hashtag instead of the most popular ones. For example #healthandfitnessstartup. With such a specific tag you will most likely get followers who are interested in your field. They are easier to convert to leads instead of a person who is interested in building industry startup tips.

It is paramount to know how to use the correct hashtags for your business.

So how do you identify the correct ones?

Research Your Audience.

What are they following? What hashtags are popular to them? The answers will give you ideas on the specific types that would be popular with them.

Research Your Competitors

What hashtags are they using? Which of the hashtags have the most following? Your target followers are most likely following your competition. Therefore, coming up with posts that are superior in quality and value and using the same hashtags might help you significantly increase your visibility.

In conclusion, in December 2017 Instagram introduced a follow option for the hashtags. Therefore, today when one clicks on a #, they are given a choice to follow it. Therefore, they can see any posts that are using the hashtags. It gives you a chance to impress users who might not be following you but follow a hashtag you are using. Great, isn’t it?

Go right ahead and embrace #’s! You need them!