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Street-Guerilla Team


Multiple informed people that can perform stagnant and/or mobile engagements with target crowd while branded.


To build a strong presence in the area of said target crowd by delivering a message or call to action to attract more clients and customers


Things to consider when building a street team.
1. Target: Audience (Who) Customer profiles.
2. Action: (What) flyers, speech, coupons.
3. Time: (When) depending on target crowd, and duration.
4. Location: (Where) in relation to what your marketing.
5. Goal: (Why) number of people reached, photos, signups, feedback.


MB Branding will compile all the information from the client and implement the best strategy to acquire the best results. We will research, recruit, manage and report everything involved with the team from beginning to end.


We can guarantee a general amount of people that will see the street team, and/or engage with the team, and/or inquire about services and products per event.

Return on investment: Every event is different but this is an idea of the kind of exposure you can expect depending on how much attention you want and your budget.

  1. Team of 2 can reach at minimum 30 people per hour which means they see you have something to inform people about. Out of that 30 per hour at least 15 will be engaged by the team enough to get the whole message and make a decision to follow up or not.
  2. Team of 4 can reach a minimum of 75 people per hour, engage a minimum of 35 people per hour.
  3. Lead Generation, views, per click, exposure, feedback, inquiries, questions, signups, networking and Revenue can all be generated from street teams. Street teams is 1 of the most effective ways to get “face to face” interactions with potential clients and customers with the right research and execution.
  4. You will get a great idea of where your business stands in terms of social media, website, word of mouth, impressions, and overall of thoughts of the company from the public immediately following each day in the field.

General Knowledge:

Street Teams can be used for companies and businesses of all sizes and industries. We have represented and managed street teams for big companies such as Facebook, Google, Pepsi, Target, and M&T Bank. We have also managed street teams for companies as small as 3 employees as this is a great tool for both BIG and small companies. Street teams are great for grand openings, events with specific target crowd, introducing new products or to just promote the name including mascots.

Real Examples:

Retail Store Street Team promotion-

  1. WHO: U of Md students and staff and anybody in the immediate area up to half the distance of next target location.
  2. WHAT: passing out $5 off every $15 coupons good for a limited time. Helps you track numbers.
  3. WHEN: 5 days straight from sunday-thursday 8:30am-5:30pm. Most people are open to new things on sundays.
  4. WHERE: Within 3 mile radius of location, crosswalks, inside the store, nearby bus stops, shopping centers.
  5. WHY: Spread the word, get coupon sales to show feedback and R.O.I, track times that more people usually come to location for future promotions.


MB Street Teams


The word on the street is…

When you want to spread the message:


MB Street Teams get your message:

  • To your customers
  • To your Team Members
  • To your clients

Professionally and Enthusiastically:

The MB Branding Analytics Team will identify and target your audience by choosing the right tools; taking care of the logistics, and reporting the results: GUARANTEED RESULTS.

The elite MB Branding Street Team delivers your message, in your style, creating an engaging and fun atmosphere. Our team is a highly skilled unit that knows how to make an impression comfortably, while maintaining the energy and focus to get the job done.

(Statistics, client list, penetration projections – available upon consultation)