The way you visually represent your company

How Does Photography Help Grow Your Business

A picture is worth a thousand words, so when people are looking at marketing materials, they are immediately drawn to the pictures. A good business portrait with photoshop can make you look your best. You will be happy with the way you look, and prospective clients can feel like they know you a little before they have even met you. Professional marketing photography will help you to communicate your company message. and show prospects exactly what you do in the very best light, holding their interest and giving them the ability to "picture" themselves working with you. Don't trust this powerful tool to a cell phone because the results will not do your company image justice.

Types of Photography that will Help Your Business

Quality Photography is an important tool for the success of your business. Without it, you will not have a professional image.

Business Portraits- People make judgments on appearance. If you don’t have a good business portrait, and people can’t see you, they will move on to someone that will give them a higher comfort level. We can use lighting, posing and photoshop to make you look your absolute best…affordably.

Marketing Photography- Photos of your team, and your trucks, your other jobs, or even your staff in action, can create a “want” in your prospects that will encourage them to consider you more seriously to address their need. However, you need a photographer that can translate your message and your passion for what you do. A cell phone can’t do it, and neither can someone who is not great at visual communication. We have the passion needed to share your message visually.

Event and Award Photography- Two keys to client passion for their company are being recognized for strengths, and feeling connected with coworkers. Professional photography of awards followed by posting on social media, or framing and hanging them gives people a sense of being appreciated. Events that are photographed create that sense of belonging.

Posting great photos of an event on social media will have the subjects and all of their friends on your company page for an extended period, giving you the opportunity to touch them. Hiring someone to cover this insures that everything will be captured and the photos will be great.

MB Branding Solutions Photographer

Laura Wiegmann

While at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Laura studied photog­raphy under Theresa Airey, and found a passion for the art. From 1991, she worked for several studios, including a private photographer, a youth sports photography company, and managing a WalMart Portrait Studio. Laura’s Eyes Photography opened its doors in 1995, and moved to Pasadena, MD in 1998.

Laura’s Eyes Photography has since inception started out offering her services to wedding, portrait and small event clients. However, after starting a family, Laura also found a love for photographing the special needs community because one of her children was born with Down Syndrome.

In 2006, because of Chamber affiliations, there was an opportunity to move into commercial work. To date, Laura’s Eyes has a contract with Patient First for three states, and has worked with numerous companies on their marketing photography for both print and web use. Many professionals lack quality business portraits, and Laura takes pride in shooting and enhancing this important part of the professional image. Now, twenty years later, Laura is well respected in northern Anne Arundel County for her inspired rendering of people through both personal and commercial photography.

She is the photographer for the Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce, and is referred by more than 20 businesses in the area, including Two Rivers, Kurtz’s Beach and La Fontaine Bleu. Her goal is to make each client feel completely satisfied with the experience, as well as providing pictures that will be forever treasured.