The Latest Trends in Instagram Bios for Businesses

The Latest Trends in Instagram Bios for Businesses

Instagram is all about being visual, fun and showing off your true colors. But what if you represent a business? How does an Instagram bio for business work? Do you go all corporate or use emojis instead? The answer lies in making the statements fun enough to catch a potential customer’s eye and serious enough to get their trust. Due to space constraints using symbols is ok as long as they make sense and you don’t abuse them. Let’s take the elements one by one and identify best practices to become an influencer.


Instagram has introduced the option to follow hashtags as you follow accounts. You might take advantage of this option and make your feed more discoverable by adding just the right amount of the “#” power in the mix. Keep it light, maximum two or three hashtags are sufficient. You (or your social media manager) could even create your own and use it as a watermark for your posts to prevent theft.


We’ve come a long way since the humble smiley (☺️), we now have a whole emojipedia to choose from. Go through the categories and pick the best ones for your business. Don’t get too sophisticated or try to make cryptic messages. Your clients are not trying to solve the mystery of the pyramids again.

The unwritten rule is that you don’t double words with emojis but enhance. For example, you can say “?? Studio” or “? Gym,” but it’s less advisable to say “??Dance Studio”.


If you have a recognizable slogan for your brand (“Just do it”), you can use this in your bio as a way to bring coherence to the communication and help your clients recognize your message across platforms. A great example of this comes from the account of TED Talks.


Some activity sectors have strict requirements. If you have a business dealing with tobacco, alcohol or plastic surgery you need to display some age requirements in your Instagram bio to comply with international laws. It takes up a bit of space and maybe some of the fun, but better safe than sorry. You can compensate for this by using some of the other elements described here and be just as convincing and even entertaining.

Do you have a bio you are proud of? Let us know what you like most about it. Do you feel stuck in creating the perfect one? Let’s do this together.