Three Mistakes That Will Get Your Site De-Ranked By Google


Three Mistakes That Will Get Your Site De-Ranked By Google

Ranking on the first page of Google feels great!!

Traffic drastically increases as your click-through rate also highly improves.  The rate of getting new email subscribers increases and before you know it, your sales go through the roof. Hurray!!!

However, all the excitement can come to a sudden halt. Google algorithm is comprehensive in making sure that only the sites that are resourceful and ethical appear on the first page.

The following three reasons are some of the significant incidences that can make your site to be de-ranked or delisted by Google.

Listen, take notes and avoid leaving the ‘first-page ranking’ party sooner than you expected.


Untrustworthy Backlinks

Are you using unethical methods to get backlinks to your site? If so, then you are increasing your chances of being de-ranked. Unethical methods include sending spam links in an attempt to deceive the search engine algorithm.

This might surprise a few people, but you should also avoid using private blog networks to enhance your site’s authority. It was considered a legal way a few years ago but NOT TODAY- it will cost your ranking status once discovered.


Your Content

It is said that content is king. For sure it is when it comes to Google ranking.

If your website has poor quality content and images, you will struggle to get ranked by Google despite how good your site appears or how fast it loads.

If you have poor quality content, the time people spend on the site will be low. Also, none of the readers will share the content on their social media forums.

Have you heard of keyword stuffing? It is true that utilizing targeted keywords can improve your ranking. However, placing too many keywords in a blog post or the meta descriptions is counterproductive.

Do you have zombie pages on the site? Yes, zombie pages.  Zombie pages refer to the old and outdated blog posts, e-commerce pages that made no sales, or old press releases.  Having several thousand pages and posts on your website hurts your Google ranking.


Off-Site SEO

How often do you conduct regular website check-ups? Not sure? Specific technical issues could be hurting your Google ranking. These include:

It is virtually impossible to become profitable with your online business without having favorable Google ranking. Therefore, make sure to avoid the above three points that can sink your Google ranking.