Valuable Tips to Maintain a WordPress Website

Valuable Tips to Maintain a WordPress Website

Imagine, you finally have your WordPress site up and running. You are updating valuable posts every so often, and it is ranking well on the search engine. The traffic to the site is shooting through the roof! You are converting the visitors to subscribers and buyers.  You are thrilled; this online hustle is finally working, and you can see yourself hitting significant financial milestones!!! You wake up one day excited to see how your site is doing and log in with excitement. Unfortunately, something is wrong- you cannot login into your site- it has been hacked!!!

The site security is just as important as all the other efforts you put into increasing the sales.  You should take every precautionary measure by maintaining your website regularly.

Here are some simple maintenance hacks that even a tech-rookie can manage to keep the site secure, up and running and making you more money.


Ensure that you Update the Site

WordPress is always improving its core version. Therefore, make sure that you update your site to the latest WordPress update. It gives your website an improved advantage.


Update your Plugins

Most WordPress plugins are also updated to increase their functionality. Therefore, regardless of how many plugins that you have integrated into your WordPress account, ensure that you update all of them

Also, note that you should never install a plugin that has not been updated for over two years. Such a plugin puts your site at risk of an attack.

Also, if you have any plugin that is idle- delete it. Such plugins reduce the loading speed of your site.


Conduct Regular Site Audit

Some technical issues might be interfering with your site SEO. You might be thinking that you are doing everything right, but your site is still not raking well.

Some tools can help you conduct a site audit to identify the technical issues that might be interfering with your site. Some of these tools include the MOZ, SEM audit, screaming frog, and many others.


Backing up the site

What is your backup plan for your website?

You should have a way to back up all the blogs and data on your WordPress site. Some hosting plans offer a backup option. Ensure your hosting provides this option.

Alternatively, you can use certain plugins to back up your site data. Here are some plugins that are effective in backing up WordPress sites.


Leverage on Plugins

I know you might not be very IT inclined. However, this should not be an excuse to leave your site unattended and at risk. Many plugins are available and can do virtually anything.

BulletProof Security secures your site against login attacks. It adds a firewall that helps to guard against various attacks.

All in One Security is another plugin that is effective at blocking any attempted logins.

Wordfence plugin helps to scan all the aspect of your site for any signs of attacks. If it notes any infection, it notifies you immediately.

Lastly, as much as plugins can be invaluable, they can also interfere with the loading speed of your site. Other plugins are also not compatible. Therefore, ensure that you are in communication with the support team of your site hosting and the plugin providers to resolve such issues.