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Does Video Marketing Build Sales... Um Yeah.

Types of videos that help grow your small business.





What is video marketing?

Let’s start here… Video Content is Different than a TV Ad. It’s produced differently and viewed differently by your potential customers.

We’ve all seen cool videos on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, they are quick videos to watch and chances are those videos were super targeted directly to the viewer. (NOTE… your customers use video on these platforms differently… so it’s always a good idea to have a different content strategy for each of your platforms)

Video content is where most marketing is headed. People will read when they have too… but are MUCH MORE LIKELY to watch a video. (Instructional, Testimonial, Educational, Financial…)

In the next year 82% of all content consumed on the internet will be video.

How does video marketing grow your small business?

60% of small business said they plan to INCREASE video marketing in the next year because it works, OVER what they are already doing. Those numbers are all for video content, video you see on-line, social media and the like…

Content is created in a way to give your potential customers a place for them to binge research everything about your business. It’s a bunch of videos about how, where, when, what you do, it tells stories and is a really good way to get your product or service in front of your potential customers.

You are 53% MORE LIKELY to show up in a Google search if you have embedded video on your website. Especially on the landing page.

See where I am going… video is not just a cool new way to market, the numbers are showing they it helps people make buying decisions.

What types of video marketing are there?

Video can be animated, branded, funny, viral, informational, good at explaining… there are many different kinds of video and they can all help your business grow when the video is placed in the right platform.

Videos for your website.

Explainer Video – Tell people how you work.

Testimonial Videos – Let potential customers see and hear success stories of work you have done, or products you supply THROUGH your own customers voice and face.

Your Approach to Business – the brand, what drives your business, and what makes your business tick. this helps the right customers find the right business to work with.

ONGOING content.. you suggest keeping the flow of content going, 2 or 3 times a month get a new message out, answer your website FAQs via video… do a product demo, do an open box video do a Behind the Scenes Video…

All together it works!

What kind of ways can video marketing increase revenue for your small business?

74% of those who watched a full explainer video about a product subsequently bought it. The effectiveness of a video in showing how you do your work, how and why it’s a good purchase and explains your approach will all create a dominant sensory transmission to a potential customers brain space. This strengthens your brand and creates brand loyalty. Videos are an added tool in selling and explaining how your products and services work. For example Videos have a 45% Conversion Rate for Home and Garden products and 85% for Jewelry.

We produced a 6 month on-going campaign for a client, to deliver video content monthly. This series of videos is generating 85% more views over other posts made to their Facebook page. We want to help, we know you have questions.

MB Branding Solutions Producer/Director

Torrey Pocock

A Creative Producer And Digital Content Creator For Martiel Beatty Group Torrey Has A Rooted History In Classic Advertising And Media.

Producing promotional and commercial videos, social media news videos, video reports, event recaps, short documentary-style films is a specialty for Torrey. Each video project helps promote and drive viewer engagement online and enhance a brand and it’s visibility in a variety of platforms.

Torrey worked with CBS Sports in live broadcasting and then public relations at DDB Needham, Dallas. Working to develop his career as a producer he moved into advertising and media production in Washington D.C. with the TCW Agency.

Developing content that can be used in a variety of platforms, his knowledge of end product use is well developed in both pre and post production.

Torrey loves to say… “you gotta make them want it!” and believes that people only read what need to these days, but will watch everything.

Recent work includes USAA, Twin Peaks Restaurants, Cylance, Syracuse University, Sprint, The Amputee Warrior Softball Classic and NBC Universal and the Department of State and The Virginia Racing and Good Commission.

Torrey is also a national Fox News social media analyst and a media training coordinator for the Department of State, both of which ad to his experience producing and working directly with clients to development projects and digital content media