When to Sponsor your Content on Instagram

When to Sponsor your Content on Instagram

When Facebook put Instagram under their umbrella, they acknowledged the considerable advertising potential of this platform. Sponsored content was already huge on social media due to Facebook’s excellent niche segmentation. The big mistake is to treat Instagram ads just like Facebook ads. Many marketers fall for this trap due to the easiness of sharing the same content on both platforms. Savvy advertising people acknowledge the differences and recognize that people interact on these platforms in very different ways. In fact, Instagram posts get far more (up to 10 times) interaction compared to other platforms.  

Does it Make Financial Sense?

The higher engagement rate is motivated by the visual content and the user experience of the platform. This drives down the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) to about half to what we see on Facebook. As time passes and users become more used to the feed the rates will converge. Right now, Instagram is still almost half as cheap as Facebook.

It’s worth noticing that, similar to Facebook videos outperform images and carousels are the cheaper. Single photos are the most expensive choice. So, if you decide to sponsor content bet on videos, if possible.

If you are using influencers, be sure to assess their fees by using a calculator and evaluate if the offer is right. Look for engagement rates, not only the total number of followers.

The Right Mix for Sponsored Content

Sponsored posts shouldn’t be perfect, but a good mix of brand awareness, innovation, graphics, and humor. Since Instagram is based on the idea of freshness and authenticity, even if your post is part of a campaign it should feel user-generated. Don’t overdo your placing or composition. Try to capture a bit of life or a feeling instead of creating an elaborate post.

Since you can choose your demographics, always segments your sponsored ads. Eliminate the costliest segment and focus on the middle. The marketer’s skill is to reduce costs and redirect the budget where the highest engagement is.

Final Decision

You don’t need to sponsor every post to get engagement. Select those posts which are the most vibrant and communicate your brand from an innovative angle. Always use metrics to assess relevance. Every time you sponsor content, create a dedicated landing page and put in in the bio. Even if this is temporary, it means using Instagram as the top of your marketing funnel.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with sponsored content. You might be very pleasantly surprised. Do you need help in creating a strategy in selecting the posts you intend to sponsor? Just drop us a line.